How to Pass SafetyNet Check with Magisk with Magisk Hide!

The latest Magisk features a way to fully pass SafetyNet Check by using Magisk Hide. If you phone passes “basicIntegrity” but does not pass SafetyNet fully then you can use this method to pass SafetyNet.

Make sure you are using the latest Magisk Canary version!

Download Magisk Canary:

Video Tutorial:


That’s how it’s done good job max​:grin::grin::grin:


Update 21 Jan 2021 - Magisk SafetyNet, does your fail? Mine did when I ran it today on a Pixel 3a XL, unlocked, rooted, Android 11. Some searching brought back a couple of links -

Both link to the same file. Follow instructions to install and reboot and Magisk SafetyNet should pass successfully, even with the latest GPay app.

From what I read, it is not 100% effective, but it worked for me.failed success

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If that version of the SafetyNet fix causes random freezes, please test it again with this version:
You will need to unzip the file and rezip to install.

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will flashing this help enable google pay?

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Welcome to the forum:)
It should enable you to pass Magisk SafetyNet. A reboot is needed to apply the changes. Make sure Google Pay is Hidden in Magisk, also. If you update Magisk, you will need to reapply the SafetyNet fix, and reboot of course.

thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile: I actually had an account here back when max fist launched this forum and there was only like 70 something members but I got locked out of my account and lost interest in rooting for a while now I’m back since I managed to root my VZW note 10plus… btw thanks for confirming that it would work lol I can also confirm that my android pay and chase works

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Latest Magisk Stable now allows for Basic Pass Saftey Net on InstantNoodleP

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U guys know … It doesn’t hide anything from Mr G? Yes u can “spoof” aome stuff, but if was really important no magisk magics can hide you.Safetynet at least what i researched… Is today full ready and a switch flip and Goodbyee Rooted/chinesee/Anyone they want…but its off because…
My bet is … Money :slight_smile: too much loss yes pogo players need safetynet, you can trick play store to show apps hidden for some… (xcom 2 collecti9n i t wont show my s8 “unsupported”.but fingerr From s9 in MH… Thete it is! )
But device unique proplist on GP SERVICES is impossible to apoof And thats it…

And now i say no more and w8
Xda was very angry for that but i know today…xda Is full of s…

In my opnion google can go jump of a very large building head first…
sadly devolopers arent to keen on trying sailfish and ubuntu touch i would use them in a heart beat…

Do you want or not… Better Google than Apple :slight_smile: i hope that will happen soon Big lawsuit lost and sentence is partition company like they wanted do MS

Im sorry i dont understand ?

A lot of people shit on Google (inc myself) but Ok tommorow it gets erased from existing and replaced with… Name better company here
That will have same market share and run like half of the internet?
Seriously… Do name somebody?
Ok i wilk even start:
If i had to puck and put cash on it… Maybe MS could do it but they got even worse pr than google…
And trust me : i have a written proof how google lies to my face , then my comments dissapear from play store, and a cherry on top: pushing blame for something of own doing to another company… Got confirmed by lawyer too: EU laws were broken at least twice in there…

But i canmot imagine World without Google…
Lesser evil…

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Yes it was nokias last breath as i recall ? Or samsung? Never mind i google it…

I can tell you already after typing it to google see 2 issues already b4 opened that page:
“Sailfish OS is a secure mobile operating system …” stopped here, but ok lets give a chance…
With built in additional privacy…
Closed page
Nope nope nope

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No i cannot name 1 company to fill the void i would rather see muliple companys i do not want to see another monopoly no sir bad for us when a company gets to big to powerful they can pull all kinds of shit practically uninhibited gives me the creeps look at facebook the shit the can pull and get away with …

Why ? it is secure and it is open source any developer can check it for them self to confirm.
I believe only their android compatibility layer called alien dalvik is propitiatory software this allows you to run android apps as if it was native so there should be no problem switching in case a new user was scared of lack of apps.

So what are you worried about ?

You should read their story they where quiet motivated and seemed sincere and bitter of the shitshow that happend with nokia if it wasnt for that asshat microsoft ceo who fucked them and they let meego run along side windows phone i wonder what the phone market would have looked like today.

and strange did anybody delete my earlier comment ?