How to Pass Magisk SafetyNet Check on GSI ROMs!

For those of you who have “basicIntegrity” pass(check mark) but still does not pass SafetyNet due to “ctsProfile” not passing even with MagiskHide ON, you can easily fix this(which happens on all GSI ROMs) by changing your device fingerprint to a certified phone like a Pixel 4 XL.

Very easy to do.

Follow the video tutorial along with the written tutorial:

Step 1. Obviously, you will have to have Magisk already installed with Magisk root working.

Step 2. Download MagiskHide Props Config here v5.35:

Step 3. Install as module using Magisk Manager app. Reboot.

Step 4. Install Terminal Emulator app on Android:

Step 5. Open the Terminal Emulator app and type:


Step 6. Choose “edit device fingerprint”, hit “1” and enter.

Step 7. Choose “Pick a certified fingerprint”, hit “f” and enter.

Step 8. Choose “Google”.

Step 9. Choose Google Pixel 4 XL. Or any other should also work.

Step 10. Choose your Android version same as your GSI Android version.

Step 11. hit “y” and enter.

Step 12. Hit “y” and enter to reboot.

Step 13. Once rebooted, your SafetyNet Check should PASS! CONGRATS!

v5.35 should work on all Magisk V20+ but if you have previous versions, you will need to download older versions on XDA here(

Releases up until v2.4.0 are compatible with Magisk v15 to v16.7.
Releases from v2.4.1 are compatible with Magisk v17 to 18.1.
Releases from v4.0.0 are compatible with Magisk v19+.
Releases from v5.0.0 are recommended for Magisk v19.4+.
Releases from v5.2.5 will only install on Magisk v20+.

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to XDA user Didgeridoohan, thanks buddy for awesome tool!