How to Install TWRP & Root w/ Magisk on Samsung Android! [UNIVERSAL METHOD]


Hello! I have a problem with the root of my Samsung s5 … I do everything you do in the video, but when I want to install the “Magisk” program it always gives me this error "error installing zip '/ sdcard / magisk-v16 "
what could I do? thank you so much! and sorry for my english :slight_smile:


Double check you have the zip file is not corrupt, copy the file to your computer and try to open it, if you can’t redownload the file.


Thank you for your reply!

the file should not be corrupted, because besides that I have also tried other or other versions “magisk 16 or magisk 18”, but the error is always … another solution? please


Hi Max,

I have a Samsung Note 8 tmobile. I need to root so I can call record again as PIE broke call recording. Will your root procedure here break Samsung Pay?


Rooting breaks Samsung Pay yes.