How to Install TWRP Recovery & Root w/ Magisk using Fastboot! [Universal Method]


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  In this Android Root 101 tutorial, we are going to learn how to install TWRP recovery & root your Android using Fastboot. This tutorial is a “universal method”, meaning you are going to be able to use on any Android device except the following: Samsung Android devices use ODIN so you will want to…


Will this work on Moto g6 play I’ve tried XDA method but I keep getting stuck in a boot loop then I have to choose restore in twrp I can boot into it but can’t install it. Please help.


You may have to use Motorola Bootloader unlocking site here:


I have unlocked bootloader flashed magisk and installed magisk phone is rooted,but for some reason i can boot into twrp to flash backup but I can’t install it I either get a black screen with na in upper left corner or get stuck in bootloop.I keep getting red error messages saying can’t mount.can anyone help me.if I get stuck in bootloop I boot into twrp and restore i’m right back where I started I don’t loose anything.please help.I rooted and installed twrp on my samsung galaxy tab E ,but can’t get it to work on my moto g6


You have encryption, to turn off simply remove your security such as fingerprint and reboot to TWRP.


i got up to the cmd stage where you type in the fastboot flash recovery stage but when i hit enter with the .img file in as well it says ‘FAILED (Write to device failed (Unknown error))’. Im very lost and cant find what to do. any chance you know what to do?


What phone and model? Maybe it is blocked.


how do i root my canadien blu advance hd5.5 using my chromebook


Yes install ADB app in Chrome store then follow my universal root guide:


Hi admin, after flashing twrp, my oneplus2 is stuck at fastboot mode and logo, recovery mode is missing. I can’t find it in manual mode also. Please help.


Try the volume up or down buttons.


Hey Max I was trying to root my HTC One M9 with Magisk but I got stuck in a boot loop. I flashed the uninstaller and it STILL was in a boot loop. So I tried flashing a Stock ROM but it STILL got in a boot loop. I don’t know if i bricked it or if it can be fixed, but if it can be fixed please help me.


If you are using any Samsung, Motorola or Lenovo device, they use Odin3 instead of fastboot. Click the link to download Odin3.