How to Install TWRP Recovery & Root w/ Magisk using Fastboot! [Universal Method]


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  In this Android Root 101 tutorial, we are going to learn how to install TWRP recovery & root your Android using Fastboot. This tutorial is a “universal method”, meaning you are going to be able to use on any Android device except the following: Samsung Android devices use ODIN so you will want to…


Will this work on Moto g6 play I’ve tried XDA method but I keep getting stuck in a boot loop then I have to choose restore in twrp I can boot into it but can’t install it. Please help.


You may have to use Motorola Bootloader unlocking site here:


I have unlocked bootloader flashed magisk and installed magisk phone is rooted,but for some reason i can boot into twrp to flash backup but I can’t install it I either get a black screen with na in upper left corner or get stuck in bootloop.I keep getting red error messages saying can’t mount.can anyone help me.if I get stuck in bootloop I boot into twrp and restore i’m right back where I started I don’t loose anything.please help.I rooted and installed twrp on my samsung galaxy tab E ,but can’t get it to work on my moto g6


You have encryption, to turn off simply remove your security such as fingerprint and reboot to TWRP.