How to Install GSI ROMs on 3, 3 XL, 3a, 3a XL, 4, 4 XL, and 4a!

Well guys, it took me 4 days of flashing GSI about a thousands times and flashing the stock firmware about another thousands times but finally figured out how to install GSI ROMs on Pixel 4 & 4 XL! Currently, this method works for ALL Android 10 and 11 based AB ARM64 GSI ROMs. I have successfully flashed the official Android 11 GSI using this method also so should work on all future Android 11 GSI ROMs also!

UPDATE: This works also for all Pixel 3, 3 XL, 3a, 3a XL, 4, 4 XL, and 4a! But you must be on Android 10 firmware!

Step 1. Make sure to flash Android 10 stock firmware, you can flash any Android 10. It will NOT WORK on Android 11, so if your already on Android 11, follow my tutorial on how to manually flash stock firmware and flash the last Android 10 firmware:

Step 2. Make sure to unlock your bootloader, follow my universal guide here:

Step 3. Download, TWRP Recovery img file, ADB Drivers(if you have Windows). No drivers required for Mac or Linux but do use my as it has the latest Android ADB/Fastboot and the one that comes with Linux or Mac will not work with newer Pixel 4 & 4 XL as they are missing the new parameters of fastboot.


Download ADB Drivers for Windows:

Download Havoc GSI ROM w/ Gapps: (Try this one first as it worked for me)

Note: If you want other GSI, make sure to grab AB for ARM64 WITH GAPPS as TWRP does not work properly on Android 10 so you want to flash everything at once.

Download vbmeta.img:

Step 4. Unzip into your Downloads folder. Install ADB drivers if you haven’t yet. Also copy the TWRP img file, GSI img file, Gapps img file, vbmeta.img, and Magisk img file(if you want root) into the fastboot folder.

Step 5. Open a command prompt/terminal and type:

For Windows:

cd Downloads
cd fastboot

fastboot getvar current-slot

Here, you must delete the current active slot.

So if you get a, do:
fastboot delete-logical-partition product_a

if you get b, do:
fastboot delete-logical-partition product_b

fastboot reboot fastboot

fastboot flash system_a NameOfGSIHere.img
fastboot flash system_b NameOfGSIHere.img

fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot flash vbmeta_a vbmeta.img
fastboot flash vbmeta_b vbmeta.img
fastboot -w
fastboot reboot

For Linux, do:

cd Downloads
cd fastboot
chmod 755 *

Here, you must delete the current active slot.

So if you get a, do:
sudo ./fastboot -linux delete-logical-partition product_a

if you get b, do:
sudo ./fastboot-linux delete-logical-partition product_b

sudo ./fastboot-linux reboot fastboot
sudo ./fastboot-linux erase system_a
sudo ./fastboot-linux erase system_b

sudo ./fastboot-linux flash system_a NameOfGSIHere.img
sudo ./fastboot-linux flash system_b NameOfGSIHere.img
sudo ./fastboot-linux reboot-bootloader
sudo ./fastboot-linux flash vbmeta_a vbmeta.img
sudo ./fastboot-linux flash vbmeta_b vbmeta.img
sudo ./fastboot-linux -w
sudo ./fastboot-linux reboot

For Mac, do:

cd Downloads
cd fastboot
chmod 755 *

Here, you must delete the current active slot.

So if you get a, do:
./fastboot-mac delete-logical-partition product_a

if you get b, do:
./fastboot-mac delete-logical-partition product_b

./fastboot-mac reboot fastboot
./fastboot-mac erase system_a
./fastboot-mac erase system_b

./fastboot-mac flash system_a NameOfGSIHere.img
./fastboot-mac flash system_b NameOfGSIHere.img
./fastboot-mac reboot-bootloader
./fastboot-mac flash vbmeta_a vbmeta.img
./fastboot-mac flash vbmeta_b vbmeta.img
./fastboot-mac reboot
./fastboot-mac -w

Step 6. Once rebooted, you should boot into your new GSI ROM!


sweet hope i can get it to work max

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Ok max having trouble with fastboot flash system any advice??

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It erases system fine but won’t reflash fast oot system_a

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hello !
I just flashed A10 on my 3xl
executing the command : fastboot delete-logical-partition product_a
produce :
Deleting ‘product_a’ FAILED (remote: ‘Fastboot: Invalid command delete-logical-partition:product_a’)
fastboot: error: Command failed

what to do ?

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Make sure you’ve updated to Android 10 first. If you get that error, you are most likely on Android 9.

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i had never flashed android 9 lol
i have been using the A10 since I bought that phone, and I flashed the latest factory image :confused: will try again and feedback

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flashing fastbootd works! sorry