How to Install Galaxy S9 ROM on Galaxy S8/S8 Plus!


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If you want to load up the Galaxy S9 software on your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus to convert your phone to a full Galaxy S9, here’s a step-by-step guide even a complete noob can follow. In this tutorial, we will be installing the Sac23 S9 Ported ROM for the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.…

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Hi there, I was just curious with regard to the video you posted about Installing S9 Rom to S8. You mentioned there specifically at 3:18 that when it says OEM Lock is Off we’re good to go. Mine says OEM Lock: OFF but no option on Developer Options to OEM Unlock yet since I messed up my rooting earlier and I’ll have to wait 7 days. I just want to know if its safe to install this S9 ROM?


Hi. Ive installed the S9 ROM on my G950N and it seems to work well with one exception.
My KT SIM card no longer works and I suspect its locked by KT to a KT End User data.
Is there a fix for this?
Thanks for all the good on this ROM.


Check APN settings first:

If that doesn’t work, I hear changing CSC works but not blocked by KT.


Ill try that and post back


APN settings were as per the original stock installation.
I thought it was a missing SIM lock password which when I entered the signal showed up immediately but I can only call - Im not getting or able to send SMS. What could that be?


APN settings most likely. Double check it.


I had to revert back to stock as KT locked my APN settings after I set them to their published APNs even though I have the SIM PIN and PUK. Its working as normal again. Ill do a bit more research before attempting it again. Whats the difference between the Alexis ROM and the Sac23 ROM?


Hello. I follow all your instruction. The problem is when i install magisk the error comes. Its says error 1. please help me. Thank you


Hi There,
If I want to change the CSC do I use an S8(hardware) or S9(firmware) stock CSC?


I mean Baseband (G950N still) or PDA(G960F)?


no that will brick your phone


Okay thanks I wont do that then.
I have successfully hidden the root from my Korean banking apps(and others).

In a thread above you suggest changing the CSC - how would you do that on this ROM? I need to have my phone look like its not rooted so Im looking to switch it to KTC CSC.
Or can you add other CSC’s to this ROM?