How to Install Android 9.0 Pie w/ Root on OnePlus 2!


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For those of you who want to get the latest Android 9.0 Pie experience with root(or without root) on your OnePlus 2, it is actually easy to do since OnePlus 2 has unlockable bootloader(that does not void warranty) and you can easily install custom ROMs. Best of all, you can even get pure Pixel-like experience…


Hi Max, your tutorial on installing Android 9 pie on the One plus 2 was excellent. I managed to root and install the Pie on mine and it works well in general. My main disappointment was that it wouldn’t accept the installation of my Samsung gear S3 watch and it wouldn’t install Walking Dead Our World game for some reason. I looked on XDA Developers and found some apk files for the gear s3, but the phone found them corrupt and wouldn’t install them. Other than those things it works great.


Hi Max

Thanks for your post, I’ve managed to root and install Android 9 pie
But I’ve noted a problem with the USB when plugged in it defaults to USB charging as normal
but when I try to change to file transfer it’s all greyed out so cannot be changed.
I wonder if anyone else has seen this?

Regards Richard


Hi Forget my earlier post, I noticed I hadn’t installed the latest version available did this now all OK
Regards Richard


KK good to hear you got it fixed!!!


Hi Max I’ve been using the Android Pie 9.0 on my rooted OnePlus 2 for a while It’s generally excellent.except it won’t run the latest version of the NatWest mobile banking app and some others but these are not important someone suggested installing an older version and this worked but I’m uneasy about using an out of date version. The app opens with a blank purple screen for a few seconds then closes, I’ve done all the usual stuff like reinstalling the app I’ve even reinstalled the ROM with no success. I wonder if this has been seen before?


Did u install Magisk???


Hi thanks for your reply, yes I did and ticked the NatWest app, I was wondering if it was a root problem.
I get the impression the ROM will run on an unrooted phone.


Try deleting Magisk folder. Sometimes apps detect for that. Make sure you pass safetynet also.


Hi safetynet didn’t pass I reinstalled Magisk now OK, I’m not sure what you mean “delete the Magisk folder” would’n that stop Magisk from working?, thanks for your time on this


Yes, delete Magisk folder in the root directory, it does not do anything, won’t affect Magisk.