How to Install Android 10 or 11 GSI ROMs on Galaxy S9/S9 Plus!

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Android 10 or 11 GSI ROMs on Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus. This method is ONLY for Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, please do not try on other Samsung phones(although it may work on some.

This will work on any Exynos Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus. If you have U.S. model, it will not work as you cannot unlock the bootloader, sorry!


Before beginning this tutorial, download the latest Android 10 firmware for your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus just in case things go wrong. (You can download firmware here:

Video tutorial:

Step 1. You will need to unlock the bootloader, make sure “OEM Unlock” is checked ON in Developer Settings. That should be enough but if you are on newer firmware, you might have to reboot into Download mode and actually unlock the bootloader.

Step 2. Download all the file you will need.

Download ODIN:

Download Samsung USB Drivers:

Download TWRP for Exynos Galaxy S9:

Download TWRP for Exynos Galaxy S9 Plus:

You will need to flash THIS PARTICULAR version of CRDroid ROM as base for GSI ROMs. I accidentally came upon this idea after trying to get GSI working for 5 days straight.

Download CRDroid ROM for Galaxy S9:

Dowload CRDroid ROM for Galaxy S9 Plus:

Download DM Verify:

Download Permissiver V5:

Download any Android 10/11 GSI ROM of your choice!

For Android 11, I recommend latest AOSP Android 11.0 by Husson here:

For Android 11, make sure to grab Android 11 Gapps here also:

For all other GSI, look here on XDA: (You can grab one with Gapps so you don’t have to install Gapps separately)

You will need to download ARM64 “AB” version of the GSI!

Make sure to extract the .img file from .img.xz or .zip file using 7zip.

Step 3. Make sure you are on Android 10 stock firmware.

Step 4. Reboot into Download mode.

Step 5. Flash TWRP recovery using ODIN but MAKE SURE to REBOOT INTO RECOVERY USING THE BUTTONS right away without letting the phone reboot otherwise YOU WILL HAVE TO REFLASH STOCK FIRMWARE! Watch my video tutorial before attempting so you don’t end up with a bootloop!!! If you miss this step, you can follow this guide here to reinstall stock firmware and try again:

Step 6. Once rebooted into TWRP, wipe data and reboot TWRP.

Step 7. Wipe cache, dalvik cache, system, and data.

Step 8. Install the CrDroid ROM then reboot.

Step 9. Once rebooted into ROM, reboot back into TWRP.

Step 10. Wipe cache, dalvik cache, system, and data again.

Step 11. Install the CrDroid ROM.

Step 12. Install GSI image.

Step 13. Install DM No Verify and Permissive_V5 zip files.

Step 14. Reboot. You will probably get stuck on bootloop. Reboot to TWRP by resetting, hold down Volume Down and Power buttons until it resets then immediately hold down Volume Up, Bixby, and Power buttons to reboot to TWRP.

Step 15. Wipe cache, dalvik cache, system, and data again.

Step 16. Install GSI image.

Step 17. Reboot and profit! Enjoy!

If you want to change ROMs, simply reboot into TWRP and you just need to repeat steps 15 thru 17. Once you have setup the phone, you can install other GSI easily and quickly, just first time it takes forever.

*Note - I found this method by accident and took me many days to repeat it. If you miss any of the steps you will end up in a bootloop. For explanation of what is going on, please watch my video tutorial.

If you want to root, after booting, you can reboot back into TWRP and install Magisk beta zip here:

NOTE: Phusson’s Android 11.0 GSI is NOT COMPATIBLE with Magisk root! I am working on a new GSI that will be so check back!


Nice great job max​:grin::grin:

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HL4CVS’s above comment says “Thanks for the information” :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Max,

The installation of Android 11 ROM succeeded with your tutorial.
Unfortunately i cannot get the fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S9 to work. App crashed when trying to setup the fingerprint. All other stuff seems to work great.
At the moment i’m trying out the Havoc ROM until fingerprint is working :slight_smile:
Thank you for all your time and information how to do this!

Keep healty and have a nice time in Korea when you get out of Quarantine.

Greetings from the Netherlands,


Very strange, but the fingerprint also crashes in the Havoc-OS-v3.8-20200821-Official-GApps-arm64-ab.img ROM. Do you know something i could be doing wrong here? After the app has crashed the ROM is going into bootloop on restart. (Same behaviour on the Android 11 ROM)…

Gr, Dirk

Hi Max,

In an earlier PIE GSI universal video, you were demonstrating on S9 and said that Treble Device Check shows device S9 A only but in this Guide you have said to use Arm 64 AB GSI.

I have S9 Plus and currently I am running SoldierRom based on Pie. My Samsung Bootloader version is G965XXU7CSK1. What GSI should I download and install A only or AB Arm 64. And Secondly Which method should I use the Earlier PIE GSI method which was easy or the New GSI on Android 10 which involves CR Droid Method.

These 2 queries please answer.

Thank you.

Updating to Android 10 gives you ab instead of a as Samsung has updated.

You can try previous method first but if it falls try the new method.

So If I am on Android 9 which on Treble Check shows A only. What should I do? A only or AB?

Please reply.

Android 9 is A only. Android 10 is AB.

So basically, I have to think on the basis of which target GSI I am installing. If today, I am installing Havoc OS Android 10 based then I have to Install AB version. Even If it shows A only currenlty on Treble Check app because Now I am running on Android 9 based Soldier Rom.

Am I right? Max.

Nono, if your last Samsung firmware update is Android 9 you are still on A only but with Android 10 update Samsung changed system to AB. So the Android version here refers to the last stock firmware you updated.

So in my case only, I have to use A Only Havoc OS based on Android 10. As I am shown A only on treble Check app. Is it the right way to think and do the old process?

The Treble Check app is not accurate so if your last firmware update was Android 10 use AB.

Ok. This Bootloader 7 version has both Android 9 and Android 10 Support. So, I am in a bit limbo. What do you suggest, Should I try the Old GSI Method or New Cr Droid Method? ON Sammobile App Indian S9 Plus model, you can find both android 9 and android 10 firmware files for the same bootloader version 7.

So Max, What do you suggest? I think I had updated to 7DTAA based on android 10. But I was able to use pie as the bootloader version was 7.

Any suggestions what I should do going forward to installing GSI on my S9 Plus?