How to Install Android 10/11 GSI on Galaxy S10/S20/Note 10/Note 20/A Series!

In this tutorial, I show you how to install Android 10 or Android 11 GSI ROMs on the Samsung Galaxy S10 series(S10 Plus, S10 5G, and S10e), S20 series(S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra), Note 10(Note 10, Note 10 Plus) and Note 20(Note 20, Note 20 Plus). This will work on ANY Exynos models or Chinese Snapdragon models. If you have U.S. model you cannot unlock the bootloader so please next time buy an Exynos model or Chinese Snapdragon model.

This method should also work on all Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A40, A50, A51, A60, and A70 series but I have not confirmed it yet. If you have a Galaxy A series, please try and let me know. You will need to grab the TWRP recovery for that. (Please see “Important Note about TWRP & VBMeta” note below)


See demo video of Havoc ROM GSI running on my Galaxy S10:

Follow Video Tutorial along with video tutorial here:

You will need a Windows computer to do this or use virtualbox to install Windows on Linux or Mac.

Step 1. You will have to unlock the bootloader, follow Steps 1 thru 8 here:

Step 2. Download ODIN, USB Drivers, TWRP, GSI image you want to install, DM No Verity, and Magisk(optional if you want root).

Download ODIN:

Download Samsung USB Drivers for Windows:

Download TWRP for Galaxy S10 Exynos SM-G973F:

Download TWRP for Galaxy S10 Plus Exynos SM-G975F:

Download TWRP for Galaxy S10 5G Exynos SM-G977B:

Download TWRP for Galaxy S10e Exynos SM-G970F:

Download TWRP for ALL Exynos Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra:

Download TWRP for all Exynos Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra:

For Galaxy Note 10, go here:

For Snapdragon devices and other Samsung devices like Samsung A series, go to and download the correct TWRP!

Important Note about TWRP & VBMeta: Now, most newer TWRP recoveries include null vbmeta.img. The above TWRP recovery for Galaxy S10 series is a modified recovery with vbmeta.img.lz4 included. If you get an error message about vbmeta after flashing TWRP, you will need to include vbmeta.img.lz4 in your tar file. To do this, simply extract the twrp tar file then re-compress with the vbmeta.img.lz4( included with recovery.img file. Then you can reboot into download mode and flash the new TWRP tar file, which will fix the boot error. The Galaxy S20/Note 20 series have nulled vbmeta.img included in official TWRP so you should be good, not sure on the others.

Download GSI of your choice here: (make sure to grab ARM64 A/B)

I do highly recommend trying the Havoc ROM which works great:

After downloading your GSI image, it may be in .xz format, you will need to use 7zip program to extract the .img file, download 7Zip here if you don’t have it yet:

I recommend getting one with Gapps as GSI work best with it installed together. Also, download “bGN” if the filename is hard to figure out.

Download DM No Verity:

If you want Magisk root, download Magisk Beta APK, no ZIP file is needed as we will need to manually patch the boot.img.

Download Magisk Canary APK:

Step 3. Reboot into bootloader mode by powering off, then hold down Volume Up and Bixby then connect your USB cable to your computer.

Step 4. Open ODIN program and make sure your phone is recognized. If you don’t see a blue highlighted box, install the Windows USB drivers you downloaded earlier.

Step 5. Choose the TWRP recovery file and UNCHECK “auto reboot” under options so your phone doesn’t reboot.

Step 6. Hold down Volume Down and Power buttons until your phone resets(screen goes black) then immediately hold down Volume Up, Bixby, and Power buttons. Keep holding down all the buttons but let go of the Power button when you see the bootup logo.

Step 7. Once inside TWRP recovery, choose “Read Only” then Wipe->Wipe Data. This will ERASE EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE!

Step 8. Reboot to TWRP recovery.

Step 9. Install GSI image. Install DM No Verity.

Step 10. Reboot and enjoy!

Step 11. For Magisk root, you will have to patch the TWRP recovery, you can follow this tutorial here to get full Magisk root after installing GSI:


Google Camera for Exynos: (This one is older GCam but works for all Exynos)


Q: I messed up! How do I restore Samsung Firmware!
A: Very easy to do, follow this unroot guide here:

For other Samsung phones, the instructions are identical but just use different stock firmware for the correct Samsung model.


Great job boss man! You’re staying busy cranking out some tutorials.


Thanks, I am still working on it. :grinning:


Yeah nice job max


just finished the tutorial, looks like it will also support all Galaxy A series and probably any new Samsung devices too.


Does this method work with ROMs such as Lineage OS instead of the GSI file?

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No this is only for GSI, but pretty much same for roms, just flash zip instead of image.


Hey Max, I’m guessing this wont work on Canadian models since the bootloaders are locked?


Nope next time grab Exynos or Chinese snapdragon.

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I tried the method on my Galaxy Note 20 ultra phone, but I did not have a system flash that only appeared boot/recovery/ optics image/ super(system vendor product odm :pensive: :pensive:

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Yes twrp recovery currently isn’t compatible unfornately. You will have to wait until TWRP updates their recovery with access to systen partition.

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Can you provide a video when updating the recovery with access to the system partition. note 20 ultra /20 ?

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It is exactly same but TWRP developers have to fix it.


Hi Max

I have read your tutorial for the GSI installation. A great work thank you so much…

But unfortunately I got a problem. In TWRP I do have the system partion where I should install the Havoc img.file…
I don’t why this happend…i only have Optics_IMg., Prism_Img…Boot, Recovery, and super…

What can I do to resolve it?

Please advise… Peet

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Hey. Can anyone help? I’m running android 11 one ui 3.1 on SM G977B … trwp installs … but… when I transfer the GSI.img files to my phone they don’t show up! The only file that is showing up is the Disable_dm-Verity_force encrypt_03.04.20… no GSI image. I can’t install from external memory and I have to full wipe before install … What am I doing wrong… please help.

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Because of the changes to Android 11, TWRP is not compatible, yet.
…at least, that’s the way I understand it:)
Read back 3 - 5 messages.

Welcome to the forum.

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@blueswerks okay thanks for replying… I’ll downgrade back to android 10

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Non of the twrp links work. Have they been taken down?

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just get it from the source site

here ya go

just look for the model number and model phone make sure it matches

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Hy maz pls i was asking and i have trying searching for installing gsi in samsung note 10 lite so i have any chance