How to Flash Android 10 GSI ROMs on Pixel or Pixel XL!

This is a tutorial on how to flash Android 10 GSI ROMs on your Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone. This is ONLY for Pixel or Pixel XL, for other Pixel models, see our other categories on the forum.

Step 1. You will need to flash Android 9.0 stock firmware.

Step 2. Unlock your bootloader if you haven’t yet.

Step 3. Power down your phone and put it into fastboot mode by holding down Volume Down and Power buttons. Connect a USB cable to your computer.

Step 4. Next download, TWRP image for your Pixel, and the GSI image you want to install.

Step 5. Open a command prompt and type:

For Windows:

cd Downloads
cd fastboot
fastboot -w
fastboot flash system PutNameOfGSIHere.img
fastboot reboot

*Note - Flashing vbmeta.img is not required as Pixel and Pixel XL do NOT HAVE vbmeta partition!
But you do need to be an Android 9.0 in order to flash as Android 9.0 does not check for boot verification whereas Android 10 does.


That’s sweet max

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Am I to understand that this method really works? I searched a lot of different sources, tried everything, and couldn’t install any system in the form of a GSI. Is there any hope this way will be successful for Android 11 installations?

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Because of the changes to Android 11, TWRP is not compatible, yet.

… " while legacy devices will be built out of the android-9.0 branch.

…" Moreover, two lead TWRP team members, XDA Senior Recognized Developer Dees_Troy and bigbiff, are already working on an Android 11 release, with the Google Pixel 5 bring up slated for the near future.

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Oh, thank You.

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