How to do after the TWRP start on a Redmi 9 please i'm stuck

Hey i have a little problem…

I’ve watched the video but i’m on Redmi 9 (not Note or else just Redmi 9)

And i don’t understand how to use the TWRP because on my phone, it’s not like in the video.

Can someone help me ?

(videolink: and timecode is: 04.39)

Thanks at all who are going to help love u guys ! <3


First thing I would do is go to the main menu in twrp then click reboot then click system to boot back the phone and if your not sure how to use it you tube is a great place to learn how first u must know how to use it before people just do it for u ok not trying to be mean but trying to tell u it’s very important u know how to use twrp first

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Thanks for ur help but I haven’t seen any videos on Redmi 9 only on Redmi Note 9 or other i go check again and I will come back if I don’t find

Have a good day :fire:


That’s good we’ll be here ok

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Okay i think it’s because i can’t unlock my phone because i need mobile data and i don’t have so much so thanks for help and have a good day man ! <3

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