How to - debloat windows 10/11

So i was watching videos about linux and whatnot as that is what i am going to switch to and as i was scrolling through this guys videos i found this vid about how to debloat your windows 10/11 and thought it would be interesting and tried it out.

it actually worked although i recently reinstalled windows 10 home and haven’t installed many programs even for me it reduced processes a lil bit for example when idle windows 10 used 1.4 gb ram while idle and after following the video it is now at 1.1 gb ram.

anyway i thought it was interesting and maybe someone else here might like to try it.


I have read somewhere that you can go further and really strip down w10 but haven’t looked into it yet seems also interesting in my case for when i use this in a vm.


After starting it today it seems ram usage has gone up 1.2 gb idle instead of 1.1 gb also processes went form 52 to 73 …

no idea why it went up slightly doesnt matter though i am ditching w10 anyway

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Yeah try it

You have ? what did you think ?have you also going further in terms of debloat ?

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No not really but u can bacicly turn of most Microsoft stuff

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