Hoping for a better forum


I get really frustrated when I hang around forums like xda-developers. Clearly, those guys know their stuff backwards and forwards, but to a guy like me who has less background in tech, they confuse the heck out of me most of the time. Max usually has a way of explaining things so’s I can unnerstand it (sorry Forrest).

Current phone is a GS9+ 965F/DS Exynos version. I didn’t understand when I bought it that I wouldn’t get Tmobile carrier features like WiFi calling which is really important to me as I have very poor cellular signal at work. The only solution I found so far is something called Detonator which is not a ROM but some sort of add-on, but it does require bootloader to be unlocked which I believe will trip Knox and make me lose Samsung Pay forever :disappointed_relieved: so I am waiting to see if a better solution comes along before I try that.


That’s biggest reason for me not rooting my note, I don’t want to lose samsung pay. I know just how you feel. I am a strong advocate of rooting don’t get me wrong, I know were your coming from.


Oh wait around and there will be ROMs that support WiFi calling. In fact, I got it running in my Note 8 and S8, they both do it.


Thanks Max, that is encouraging. From what I had read, WiFi calling was a carrier-dependent function and was enabled within the carrier-specific CSC. But from what you’re saying, that’s not entirely true.


On Sprint that is true, but it is self provisioning. Meaning once you launch wifi calling & finish setup, its provisioned on to the account. Not sure if it’s the same for TMobile.


Yeah no weird provisioning with T-Mobile, if WiFi calling works it will just work. But CSC method could be good for forcing OS to enable WiFi calling.


There are other options to Samsung Pay.
You can use Android Pay and/or your bank’s own nfc payment app by rooting with Magisk, and using the “Hide” option (it’s selected by default for Android Pay) to hide root from that app.
I don’t use Samsung devices since the S3 (when they announced Knox for the S4 ~ didn’t want an OEM that tried to block root), but the “Hide” option might work for Samsung Pay even though Knox is tripped. I really don’t know about that though.


NFC pay apps are fine, but they don’t replace the MST method that Samsung Pay uses, especially on a lot of older card readers, vending machines, etc that don’t have NFC readers.

Plus, my GS9+ is under warranty for another 10 months or so, and I don’t want to void it. Does anyone else worry about that when rooting? I have always in the past waited till me devices’ warranties expired before I rooted.


I usually root one to two weeks after I get a device.
If it breaks I simply buy next one.
Never hapened to me.


I’ll admit the chances of a new device breaking in the first year are pretty low. But when I bought my GS7 Edge a couple years ago, it was defective right out of the box. Freakin T-Mobile made me pay $20 for a warranty exchange too on a BRAND-NEW phone! Pissed me off bigly.

I just wish there was a way to root without losing Samsung Pay. Or, that another vendor would reverse-engineer MST and write an alternative app that uses it and works with root. I don’t think I’ll hold my breath on that one though, lol.


hello, I am new as well. I have an s7 edge tmobile 915T model and I have been reading everywhere but I cannot grasp the idea of how to unlock my bootloader?


I think maybe you mean 935T, which is the US T-Mobile version. Short answer is, you cannot unlock the bootloader on that phone.


Thank you for responding in a timely manner. yes, I made a typo. So I will have to wait for official OTA if i want oreo 8.0 correct?


That is my understanding, yes.