Highonandroid auto installer script with crdroid gsi

Hi guys it’s Greg again

I’m going to tell u how easy it really is to flash (any GSI rom on pixel 4xlor any pixel that’s treble supported)

Step 1. Download and install fastboot.zip into downloads folder so you can run the commands

Step 2. Download and extract max lee’s highonandroid GSI auto installer .zip file make sure it’s in downloads folder.

Step 3.put your treble supported pixel device into fastboot or bootloader mode.

Step 4. Go ahead and copy the GSI of your choice into the highonandroidGSI auto installer.zip make sure you put the extracted disk .img file into the highonandroid GSI installer folder the extracted foler will be highonandroid GSIautoinstaller_ab_v1

Step 5. Once all is copied into it’s intended place then double tap the highonandroid GSI auto installer auto flash file

Step 6.now fastboot will start to flashit will reboot phone to fastbootd then it will ask u to copy and paste your file here then copy and paste your file where fastboot tells uthen hit enter.

Step 7.once done then it will ask u to type your active slot into the command line then type your active slot make sure you know witch one your on it will tell u in fastboot mode.

Step 8. Ok now let the auto flasher / installer do the flashing for u .




This is the crdroid GSI rom

HAPPY FLASHING!!!:wink::wink: ENJOY !!!


Nice tutorial. I just posted one on ADB and Fastboot today. Now if anybody comes across this site and wants to mess around with fastboot or they need to, they’ll have an idea of how to do it. If you can think of any tutorials that need to be written up I’ll try to handle it. Lets make this site as helpful as possible. :grin:

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Yeeee will do I try every day!!!:+1::+1: Thanks a lot that means a bunch

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Hey there buddy I need some adb help also I have some questions concerning galaxy s8 if you would be willing to help your assistance would be greatly appreciated

Alrighty, fire away… I should be able to help with ADB and possibly with the S8.
Did you see my ADB and Fastboot tutorial I posted to the forums? Your answer could possibly be there.

Ok well I’m working directly from the s8 device is it possible to upgrade the rom and is it possible to delete the memory that’s saved in the deep files that factory reset doesn’t delete without the phone being rooted ? Maybe using terminal emulator or another app similar ?? Ok second question I’ve been doing some hacking on an older android device 4.2 but the device will not read adb somehow there’s a script blocking adb ?

So you aren’t using a computer at all to run ADB commands? I know from a computer that “.\fastboot erase userdata” and “.\fastboot clear cache” will take care of all the data. I’ve never tried it from within the phone. When it comes to installing a custom ROM like GSI or something, you’re going to need to use a computer anyway to unlock the bootloader if it isn’t already. Unlocking it will also completely delete all of the user data on the device.
On the ADB not working part on older Android, I’m not sure but I can look into it. You do have USB debugging turned on correct?

Also on the 4.2 device, make sure you have the correct drivers for that device installed.