Hi guys GeHeppo here looking for some help


Hi Everyone
I was searching for Android OS download to use on my wife’s Chuwi HI10+ tablet which came with Windows 10 and Android system as a DUAL BOOT TABLET But only had 8gb of memory on the Android system which meant that it could not store enough memory for the apps and games my wife loves to play and I came across this site and immediately liked the look and read the reviews about the site and decided to give it a go to see if I could get some info and find the necessary downloads to correct some of the faults we have found since I followed instructions to remove the windows 10 system from the tablet and just make it android.
Any help with this would be gratefully appreciated


Not sure on this but maybe doable.


Thanks for the reply to my request I am a bit of a novice when it comes to doing things like this and appreciate any help I can get and find this forum as been the best I have looked at!
If I send you the information about the tablet would you be able to look into it for me


Definitely look in to rooting the tablet first to gain access. I would think once the mem is wiped then install a good OS that should be good?


Thanks Anthony will give it a try and see what happens at the n moment it drives my missus mad because of the lag and the camera does not work but she is not bothered about that as she only uses it to play games on and for facebook!
Think some of the files may be corrupted as I downloaded them from the chuwi forum to remove the windows 10 OS and flashed it with the Android OS more memory so it went from 8gb to 64gb