Help with recovery Oneplus 8 Pro

So the new security patch bricked my 8 pro into qualcomm crash dump screen.

I have done no funny business at all, yes my bootloader is unlocked and yes I have root. But it is only for basic things like titanium backup and permission ruler. I have never done anything crazy with my phone, never even flashed a rom, my phone has been rooted for well over a year and I always install all the security patches so this was super random and I’m pissed off.

Anyways I cannot find a video about recovering the phone without erasing everything and I thought this was only necessary when you DON’T have an unlocked bootloader. I thought it was possible to flash oxygen with fastboot and it fixes the problem. But I just dont know exactly how to do this and I didnt want to screw up anything. I’m totally fine with losing root and having the bootloader locked again I just really want to save my data. Any help and I would be grateful, because at this point I’m going to work tommorow without my phone.