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My not much to say other than hello lol
been rooting Android devices since March 2011 I started on my Droid X and the rest is history I’ve been subscribed to Maxes YouTube channel since January 2012 got heavily into the rooting scene from 2013-2015 but kinda lost interest when all phones kinda stopped being different from each other in 2016 and the only new feature every year is a camera upgrade and a slightly “faster” processor
Android devices I’ve owned and rooted Moto Droid, Droid X, Droid bionic,Droid razr, Droid razr hd Max,Moto x,Droid ultra, Samsung tab 2 7 and 10 inch,Moto Nexus, Samsung Galaxy s6, Samsung Galaxy note 8



Cool! Yeah Samsung killed root for u.s. users when they started locking bootloaders. I stopped buying them and buying only international models so I can root. But gonna switch to more phones like oneplus 6, seems very root friendly.


Here to support Max! Long live the Android root!


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sup Josh! Thanks for stoppin’ by! Was getting lonely for a moment! lol




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