Hello, I am new and I got a problem with flashing GSI rom Havoc 3.8v Gapps arm64 Aonly on Xioami ..after flashing DmVerity.zip it said <Failed to mount '/nvdata' (No such file or directory).. Help me with this PLS!

Error with flashing GSI Havoc sys.img on redmi note 8 pro

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which error did u get??

Yes I’m having the same trouble with a only devices we haven’t found a way to flash the correctly yet so I would wait till then ok we will let everyone know when we figure it out but we appreciate u and everyone for believing in us to help u out thanks again

Can you post the whole error? Or a screenshot?

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Sorry for being late my internet is so bad … appreciate your time and I always trust what you do… the problem i think from the processor its a MediaTek… which concedered to be (blocked) open sources… and can not handle a custom rom

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That should be fine actually. If using Mediately make sure you’d re using right a64 or arm64 depending on your processor and also ab or aonly. You can always try them all as it won’t brick your phone by trying. You can use Project Treble Check app but be aware sometimes it’s ab or aonly result isn’t correct.