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Can I recover data from my Samsung Galaxy S8 after factory reset without any backup ?

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No backup means no data recovery, after factory reset.

There are some people and services that can recover data after a factory reset. That is if it hasn’t been written over. When you do a factory reset, the data actually isn’t gone, it’s just allocated and permissions changed allowing it to be written over. That’s how a lot of crimes are solved, because the person who committed the crime thought they were safe after factory resetting/deleting their data. There is a way to actually completely get rid of data if you don’t want to keep a device. If you completely fill up the storage and just keep deleting and writing over the storage two or three times, then the original data is now gone because it was thoroughly changed with new and different data.


I should have included “in layman’s terms” :robot: Thank you for the clarification:)

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