Hello Fellow Android Addicts!

You can call me throw! (or whatever you want),

Been running android since first getting an HTC Sensation way back in 2011. I started reading up about what people do with android, and I rooted it as soon as its warranty ended. After that I fell down the rabbit hole!

Past Phones:

  • HTC Sensation (Don’t remember the last time I saw it)

  • HTC One M7 - Pen exploded in bag, ink filled the whole screen. Still works, but the whole screen has a blue filter on it RIP ;-;

  • Xperia Z1 - Got it used, still works, hate the TN LCD Panel)

  • Xperia Z3 - Dad’s old phone, touchscreen killed itself, used USB OTG to make it an HTPC lol)

Current Phones:

  • Galaxy SIII - My second android phone and I still play with it! Somehow, a godlike dev made an ANDROID 11 ROM for it, which it currently runs)

  • Xperia Z5 Premium - Also dad’s, but he let this one live. Works perfectly, but not much community

  • Galaxy S9 G960F - Current beauty, running Resurrection Remix by Garret_09 (Seriously Great Dev). Trying to get it to run android 11

Been having a great time in this forum so far, so I decided to actually get involved haha
That’s pretty much it!


Sup sup Throw! Welcome to the forum! Yes, Sony’s don’t have great support but if you buy any of the newer ones(since 2019), it should support Project Treble and you should be able to install GSI images easily. I might start playing with my S3 also just for the helluvit. S9 is definitely still a beast and fun device to work with.

Anyways, thanks for sharing your “highness”!

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I agree that Sony’s community isn’t great compared to other brands, but support for the Z5P is the worst of any android phone I’ve seen, especially when the Z5 has quite an active community and already has an Android 11 rom. It’s probably because any development needs some of Sony’s kernel mods to not render 4K all the time and kill the battery :confused:

sharing your “highness”!

it took me a second to get that you meant sharing “my highness” (i.e highonandroid), and not that I was immediately crowned forum royalty :sweat_smile: hahaha. Thank you for introducing me to such an active forum through your YT vids!

Right back at ya, Greg! :grin: (P.S: Since you’re a mod, forum policy on swear words? and dumb universal forum memes like mod=gay?)


Thanks Max I’ll try to watch out for that

Lol… I always seem to be a straggler on posts like this. Good to have you here though.