Havoc os 4.1 [11]

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I tried installing this GSI but didn’t work (ARM64 AB)
I used Auto GSI Installer and everything was successful until it boots up, it does not boot to Havoc OS. It’s booting to the current GSI I’m using which is the Blissrom.

Any idea why this happened?
Thank you!


Did you try to wipe system first??or factory reset first then run the highonandroid auto gsi installer av1

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A fair point, as I had the same issue. I am now (and have for a week) been running Havoc OS 3.8 GSI on my Pixel 3a (sargo) - and compared it heads-up to the purpose-built Havoc AND Bliss ROMs for the same hardware. Two differences compared to the purpose-built Havoc OS - no Pixel Launcher (instead, Shady Launcher is the default) and no Google Camera. The surprise is that it actually (for the most part) runs BETTER than purpose-built Havoc OS - based on the same code - for the same hardware. It makes not a lick of sense; however, there it is. If v4.1 merely performs as well as 3.8, it is a serious game-changer - including (if not especially) for wannabe self-maintainers

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Arent u susposed to wipe the older custom rom before installing a new one?

@nemo by wiping the data, you mean a factory reset before using the AutoGSI installer?
cause I did that and nothing happened.

No not factory reset.

When changing from a custom rom to another custom rom always wipe the old custom rom using your recovery.

With wipe custom rom i mean literally delete the os of the phone.
if u do not do this when changing custom rom it will cause problems.

go to your recovery do u use twrp recovery?

Also did u make a back-up of stock firm ware before u put on thefirst custom rom ?
Always do this incase something goes wrong.

Did u follow these steps ?i found this the xda thread


1. Download the ROM, GApps (Optional), Magisk (Optional) from the links above.​

2. Wipe System, Data, Dalvik, Cache.​

3. Flash the ROM, GApps (Optional), Magisk (Optional).​

4. Reboot and Enjoy.​

See number 2 says wipe system means operating system use your recovery for that if u dont know how look up youtube or google how to do it.

Also dont forget to wipe these aswel Data, Dalvik, Cache.​ after u delete those things including system in twrp recovery u get 2 options go back to menu or reboot do not REBOOT cause there is no os on the phone so u will get stuck in bootloop.

in twrp recovery after u delete those u get 2 options go back to menu or reboot go back to menu and then flash the new custom rom and gapps and root if u want.

Dont forget to have a back up of stock firmware incase of trouble so u can always go back.

If u do that it should work.

I hope this helps and if i am wrong please someone correct me.

Edit: make sure u put the new rom and gapps and others on forexample sd card forexample.


Let me know if u have any qeustions and or how it went goodluck