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I am with android phone since the beginning. Not bound to a manufacturer I owned several phones (Nexus One, some LG, the note serie, and lately an LG20 accompanied by a note 4.
Note 1 was the first phone I rooted and since then a killercriteria for me is: Can I root it (means : Do I fnd a rooting guide in the net).
I think backup of my data, away from the SD Card, is a requirement that makes a spartphune usable. Of course I also like to get rid of the nerving ads


Which V20 do you have? Note 4 is excellent but obviously aging in terms of performance and camera.

For backing up data, you can always grab an OTG cable and flash drive OR so with a phone w/ sd card.

Obviously for ads, you can get adaway apk if you are using SuperSU:

For Magisk, you will have to use a Magisk compatible ad blocker, let me see if I can do a tutorial on that soon.


I have the H990N Patch 1.12.17. Right now I try to downgrate to a XDA suported version with LGUP. I tried towelroot.It was a failure
On my old note 4 and on the tab s3 its "“Adfree for android” it modifies the /etc/host. Works great.

I hope for note 9 or if I not like it then an other manufacturer.
I will first wait for a rooting guide on any new phone or tablet.

Backup is titanium and foldersync to an usb stick and then to my synology

Magisk seems to be the future so a tutorial would be great.


You have the dual-SIM Hong Kong V20, which currently doesn’t have a root method I think. I’ve rooted mine using this here:

I don’t think it will work for your device but if feeling adventurous I would actually try it, I don’t think at worst it won’t work. You can always reflash stock firmware if something goes wrong. Just try it, if it Dirty Santa doesn’ work then I don’t know any other way but it should since all V20 share the same CPU and filesystem.