*** GSI Flashing Help***Samsung Xcover pro unlocked exynos Model Sm-G715UZKDXAA $499

Yo Max, So much love brother! Been with you since the early early days. Also love the outdoor office e skate videos :+1:
So my naive ass bought an unlocked Samsung Xcover Pro directly from Samsung’s website. For 499 it seems like a dope phone. I need a headphone jack and removable sd card and battery. Assuming unlocked and exynos will work. (I have never flashed using a treble device technique, only twrp or odin ) Bought it before I watched your samsung boycot video and reasons. It has the Exynos 9611 processor, 2 sim slots plus a separate MEID (imei 1, imei 2, meid) headphone jack, micro sd slot, removable battery, waterproof bla bla bla. I Had the s5 active and rooted, custom rom with safe strap, loved it especially the screen working in the rain. I work outside in the rain often. My daily driver is s5 g900t misbehaves in the rain or wet fingers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: I have three for messing around with different roms and I’m rough with phones (heavy equipment operator) . No case just the stock sam flip cover. Love these g900t for many cheep reasons and I rock Loius rom but daily drive havoc pie rom. The screens dont work well in the rain or snow, and I figured new toy time, so enter the xcover pro…
Now I was under the impression that because it is unlocked and Exynos I would be able to scrap the one UI rom and install a custom rom. Using Treble Check I get…“Your device includes support for Project Treble. VNDK 26.0 is also bundled alongside it. It is detected to have an A-only system partition. Your device uses a CPU with 64-bit Arm architecture. Your device includes support for system as root” I have owned it since March and never connected it to the net, incase exploits are found on the initial android 10 shipped. Basically de googled as much as possible for now. Enabled developer options and no dialog box for bootloader unlock or enable root. I thought the bootloader is unlocked? not sure and not sure how to verify. But no carrier lock and Exynos.
My goal is to put it back to android pie havoc rom or at least a custom rom, no google, microg and enjoy. Currently no twrp built for it, plus android 10 doesnt seem to support nandroid backups / restore. So I tried to flash Havoc-OS-v2.9-20190914-phhgsi_arm64_a-Official.img.xz from their site: https://forum.xda-developers.com/project-treble/trebleenabled-device-development/gsi-havoc-os-t3930030
Using Treble Toolkit [A and A/B] on xda Couldn’t really follow how to though, so… (I may have done it wrong?) Figured that if i bricked it I could use odin to flash back into the stock rom
I downloaded (potentially fake) stock rom images from this site Samsung fan site : https://sfirmware.com/downloads-file/146231/SM-G715U1_1_20200201153428_b8i4k179a5_fac
And this sketchy combination file from firmwareX. (this is the file name, not the file itself
Never had to use either because the phone would just boot back to its original state.
Its actually a nice phone but I dont use it since I have been so use-to (spoiled) custom roms for 10 years. I think It can be done. Please Help Max and community! Thanks and…
BOOM Shocka Locka


Well, it seems that you are definitely too high on android and need some rehab. If you are using GSI images, not all phones support it but your phone should work.

I haven’t really messed with GSI lately but let me do a test on that ROM this week and get back to you. But it should be doable. Just reply to this thread next week if I don’t have any new tutorials then it will send me a notification. But I will try it out ASAP.

And please stay off that Android for a few days, you don’t want to OD.


Thanks, Yeah I’m not familiar with gsi flashing at all. Lucky for me I’m High On Android. Dude never joined a forum ever till today. Nice work! Puff Puff Pass :beers: :fire: :broccoli: :four_leaf_clover:


Yeah the forum is great to connect with all of you guys, much faster and you can write paragraphs about your problems so I can actually help you better.

And I think it’s fun to have our own community instead of being mixed in a 3rd party platform.

Anyways will let u know how latest gsi rom do on samsung phones soon. Stay HIGH!


Nice work on the frequent new content on Dr.e skate and High on android. Have you had any chance to mess around with Samsung GSI rom flashing? Excitedly / anxiously waiting on help. Much love to all , and stay HIGH!

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Not yet as I soft bricked my S9 and S10 while trying to root so I have to wait 7 days unfortunately.

Gonna work on them as soon as I am done with pixels this week. Shouldn’t take too long.

But in general, GSI ROMs do not work well with Samsung phones because Samsung has put way too many changes, I would actually recommend them to more stock Android phones like Pixel, OnePlus, and Xiaomi.

Thanks for your time and passion. On one of your recent live streams you talked about something VERY important, that I have tried to explain to my girls, family, and anyone who will listen…that is open source vs proprietary closed source. Also carrier locks and how that means software installed working behind the scenes, etc…down the black rabbit hole. I mean come on it’s a pocket computer…one should want full control (root). Long live custom roms! and Thanks again for your efforts. Also was reminiscing on how lucky you were with that swat bull sh*t…so glad you’re around bro! Keep kicking ass!!

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