Google pixel 3 by sahil

How to unlock this ?

Hey bro tell me what is EMM’s management?

oh that is easy. follow this guide:

If you unlock bootloader then install a rom without google apps you should be able to bypass google lock.

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How to install rom?

try gsi auto installer:

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Hey max can you make a video how to install gsi in Google pixel 3 android 11

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You can use this auto installer:

Also manual method:

But you may need to reboot into TWRP afterwards and install Android 11 Gapps to finish the job. If you have trouble let me know.

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Yes can you make a tutorial video plzz

that is the tutorial, try it! I’ve installed Android 11 about 10 times already using the same tutorial. :grin:

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Hey Maxx didi you know what is this

When I rest the phone and taping on the Google logo in welcome it shows scan QR code ?

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lol really? maybe a short way to login???

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Can you please make a video of my topic I could not do

You make a short video of how to install gsi in Google pixel 3 android 11

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sure why not.

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Make a video step by step please

One more thing on that video can you also make a how to unlock this

follow this guide