Google HDR Camera APK w/ Front/Back Portrait Mode WORKING! [Galaxy Phones]


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For those of you with any Samsung Galaxy smartphone(such as Galaxy Note 8, S8+, S8, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, etc…etc…), you can now get Google HDR camera working on your phone with BOTH front and back portrait mode working. This Google HDR+ Pixel 2 Camera works on the following models: Galaxy Note 8…


Got it working on my S6edge international but the front cam everything is magenta in colour and I can’t get rid of that. Any tips on this?


Just force close camera and restart.


Only went and done that… and it bloody works!:grin: one issue if it could be called that is once I view the image taken, there isn’t a back button to go back to the camera it just closes the app and I have to open it again. Is there something that needs switching on or is that just a limitation?
But otherwise cheers for that Mad Max… bigups everytime…:sunglasses::facepunch:t4:


Just installed it and it seems to work fine on Exynos S8 plus on AlexisRom 5.3. THANKS!


Max as I’m not upto speed with my S9 plus duos yet. Will the camera APK be useful I’m me on this phone.