Google changes apk format for apps

Just read this Google sunsets Android APKs for App Bundles instead - Android Authority

I thought it was interesting and wondered if this would have side effects for people side loading apps and or using other app stores ?

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It depends on the format sometimes u can change the format using 7zip

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So this not a big f u from google to app side loaders and alternitive app stores ? cause thats what it looks like to me

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No I don’t think so but!! We will have to wait and see so don’t through them under the bus just yet​:rofl::rofl:

It is google where talking about here they have the cheek to to do it hahaha

Edit: interesting article that goes more indepth

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Oh I see that could make it hard to install gapps on custom roms

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google is slowly and systematically taking over android assuming full control
i wish developers would throw themselfs at sailfish and or firefox os as a alternative os and be done with taking shit from google. but sadly they dont seem to willing for some reason.

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Yeah ic ur point it’s not fair

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I am just saying people wont have to deal to much with google or atleast limit it.
there alternatives but developers arent keen on expanding on it example sailfish i have seen handfull of ports but they are just toying with it nothing serieus.

firefox is dead suposse but opensource and it being a lightweight os and using webbased apps could really shake things up a branche of firefox os called kai os being offerd on budget phones in developing countrys is a big hit simple featere like phones running modern web based apps.

and then there is linux os for smartphones stil in its infancy sadly heck ubuntu touch has been in development for what 10 years orsomething and stil not very functional saw a video the other day about a phone called volla running ubuntu touch was pretty interesting.

Here’s another part of the puzzle, so to speak:

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wasnt aab announced long time ago ? the article makes it seems as if google did this just to mess with windows 11.

IDK, just sharing. But, that’s kinda what comment section says. I think it was introduced around Android 9.

Stil very interesting and all we can do is wonder how it wil turn out in the future