't Access MAXLEE Site HELP!

I’m really hoping i can get the appropriate link or address to this site. Please !!!
I’m watching MaxLee vids to root and install custom roms on the note 5 specifically the T-Mobile N920T model USA. I would love to get my hands on those if they are still available .
I know this is old news especially being 7 device releases since the Note 5.
I really enjoy bringing life back into old devices that would otherwise be disgarded, thrown out, and or disposed of.
Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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Welcome to the forum!

Is this what you are looking for?

one of the videos:

Try see if u can find ur file

Max took the Galaxy not 5 root .com site down he said we will no longer support the older phones just to old

Sorry you’ll have to look on XDA for other alternatives