Galaxy Tab A SM-T595 and custom GSI's

Hell to you all, i have a Galaxy Tab A SM-T595 (2018) which is a A/only device and was told by @phhusson that if i have my updated stock rom A10 i could flash A/B custom rom

so as i wanted to try this PixelExperience_arm64-ab-slim-12.0-20220119-UNOFFICIAL.img

the problem is when i flashed it over my unrooted stock rom it doesnt work, tried it with stock rom rooted with patched stock boot.img device falls into a bootloop

as i watched one of Dr.E (Max Lee) youtube videos about flashing this GSI i’m here for some help

normally i would have this rom lir-v315-220128-a64-bgZ-lite.img which is a los A11 running on my device but i want to try PixelExperience

help me please

Try a different gsi (plural)see if that will run if not there might be another problem
if yes problem could be the gsi and your device compatability.

As i mentioned in the post above i have no problem with this flashing and booting this custom rom lir-v315-220128-a64-bgZ-lite.img which is a A/Only and based on LOS 18, i also tried LOS 19.0 and had no problem flashing and booting into the OS

i want to try other unofficial rom’s PE, OctaviOS but not luck in getting the to go pass bootloop

so i’m seeking help as i’m been told i should be able to run these rom’s

Looking for an installation guide for these rom’s

If some gsi work and some dont maybe go to the thread fo the gsi and post your qeustion there could be some software issue

most gsi can be installed the same way unless it says so to do it a surtent way