Galaxy S9 ROM for Galaxy Note 8! [FULLY WORKING]


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For those of you who have Exynos models of the Galaxy Note 8(which have unlocked bootloaders) are in luck as the latest S9 ROM conversion brings you nearly all of Galaxy S9 software features into the Galaxy S8 including all the apps, settings/UI, wallpapers, Galaxy S9 camera AR stickers, S9 camera front portrait mode, modded…


Video demo:


Hey max , i just finish install the s9 rom and the rest add ons ,1st was okay but now my note 8 keeps stuck at "android is starting " how to fix that cuz ive been waiting for 2hrs now


Did you install the ROM first and boot? Make sure you boot once and sign in before installing additional files.


Hey @admin silly question, or more of a request. Is there any way to port the AR emoji feature to the note 8 running oreo, us model?


Yes you can grab this:


I Installed this rom on my note 8 rooted with Magisk based on your TWRP recovery.
But I have an issue with the fact that any link in a mail or browser or even a copy of a file in the explorer gives a crash of the Android System leading to kill the application. I got several notifications that the Stopped working before the final crash as you can see in the screenshot

  • Do you have an idea on what went wrong?
  • Do I need to make a wipe of data and start again?
  • do I need to unroot get back to stock rom and start again?
  • TWRP seems to be well installed following your tuto but i get still the notification that encryption is still present even after the installation of the module explained in your tutorial

Thanks for support. This is a great Rom and I would like to move on with this.


Same problem i m back to oiginal software:( Root also was not stable many bugs unfortunately:(


I made a full wipe and install magisk 16.0.
Everything is now ok.


Like now there is no bugs or any errors?


Can some one help me out, I have installed rom and is working properly the obnly thing is smartthings is crashing it tells me that stopped working and gives me apop up message.

Any idea how to fix this?


I was able to fix the smartthings issue but now I am trying to launch samsung Dex and is telling me is not available.


Hi Max

I find your blog yesterday and I love your explanation a lot. Thank you for your work, well done.

But I have a smaller issue, I have a European 950F and I use a US t-mobil sim, but I can’t start the wifi calling. The symbol is there but I can’t active it.

Do you have a tip who I can get it running?

Kind regards Cris


You will need a custom rom with wifi calling support for tmobile I think but let me check…


Dear Max

Thank you for your support.

I think I found the solution, I used my US T-mobile card but the phone is for European Sim Cards…

so I used a german T-mobile SIM and I could activate the WiFi calling, but T-mobile Germany don’t allow such service…

I think I have to buy a SM-N950F as International Version and than this should work…

What do you think? Are do you have more information about it…

Kind regards Cris


No you have to flash a custom rom with U.S. wifi calling support but I am looking into it.


I need help with wifi calling also. Any update on this? Thanks.


Yes let me look into it.