Galaxy S4 Root & Custom ROMs


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Hello my name is Greg I woul like to unlock my at&t gs4 or bypass the bootloader to install custom ROMs currently on 4.4.2 fro 5.0.1 I was wondering if I downgrade to 4.2.2 if I could then use the Loki method to bypass the bootloader and install any custom ROMs or just kk ROMs???


lol sup Greg, you have to stick with Loki compatible roms or you can flash Loki over most custom roms.

Flash this over any custom right after flashing:

But not sure if this works for newer roms, in theory it should, maybe you can try it and let me know. Try a marshmallow ROM for a start, And make a backup ROM beforehand so you can restore if it doesn’t boot.

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Hi there Max

I have been searching for a good s8 or s9 port for the s4 GT i9500 but i can’t seem to find one anywhere. By any chance do you know of anything? The only roms i’ve found are all lollipop 5.1.1 roms which are themed to look like the s8 or note 7. If there aren’t any out there is it an option to maybe flash an aosp rom and then use a touchwiz launcher perhaps? I’d appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks alot


Yeah GT i9500 is sorta old, you can grab Nougat Resurrection Remix:

You won’t be able to use TouchWiz stuff though.