Galaxy Note 5 stuck

when the galaxy boot up its just freezing after few seconds every time no matter what and reboot automatically sometimes after the freeze.
i tried to flash the stock rom android 7 with odin, but its just freezing on “erasing” or pass it and boot up to “No command”
also install twrp and saw there the cpu temp was 55 degrees
there is a chance that the cpu ruined and causing the phone to stuck?
thanks in advance

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Did u try to boot recovery and do a factory rest??

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its freezing in process or sometimes freezing before i can get there
edit: now when im booting to recovery mode i cant see the options only the white letters in the bottom.
when im trying to boot from twrp its enter to boot loop

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Ok can u get into tarp??

You may have to do a full blown format data

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you mean trwp? yes

i did its but after pressing reboot its reboot in the process and enters boot loop

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Ok try a format without rebooting,then press volume down an power to force reboot then / once screen goes black then volume up and power to enter download mode then try to flash stick firmware

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ok ill try this
btw now i succeed to factory reset and then reboot and its rebooting into Samsuing logo flashing few times and then freezing and then rebooting auto again

So did this and its booting into “no command” screen

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Ok I’m trying

So Odin still won’t boot

I mean Odin can’t read the phone?? Have u tried a custom ROM yet??

If u can boot tarp recovery u can factory rest then try to flash a custom ROM for your device then try to boot do not root at this time

Ok i will try to flash custom ROM
there is chance its hardware problem and can’t be fixed?

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It sound like a software issue

Don’t root yet just a custom rom

Once u get it to boot then it can be fixed properly kk

Make sure u read the thead the whole way and download all necessary files

You will have to wipe system in order to flash custom firmware