Galaxy Note 3 Never Dies

It’s crazy to think that this phone is 8 1/2 years old and we have Android 12 running on it. I don’t think the development will ever die for this device. Lol


I just looked up the specs and i am pretty impressed by it. they really future proofed it.
my phone is 4 years newer and has 4gb ram and 32gb ram storage and was also a semi flagship and there is not that much of a difference however the 16gb ram version of this note 3 is screwed though.

all in all very cool stuf

Edit: how much ram does android 12 consume normally with/without google while stationary? and how much with crdroid ?

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My bad man, I really thought I replied to this already. Here’s some screenshots of the Note 3’s current memory stats on crDroid, and with normal Google services running. I’m not sure what it would be without the GApps and services installed. I can definitely say that using only 1.1 GB out of 3 GB with Google, Facebook and Telegram running is really efficient RAM management.
That’s also with the stock kernel and without using SmartPack-Kernel Manager to change the CPU governor and frequencies. I haven’t optimized any performance aspects of the ROM at all yet.

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Very impressive how did you manage to reduce ram usage so much ? i believe stock android 11 already sits at araund 1.4gb and with 12 even more?

you should try using microg(opensource googleservices stripped of spy stuf ) and aurora store (playstore acces without having to use playstore and without the spying and whatnot)

this should reduce ram usage and conserve battery life even more.

Edit: btw you still looking for a xperia pro i ? i have been seeing a reduction in new price and even used for half the price of araund 800 euro ! used though but tempting i wish there was more custom rom development for newer sony device sadly they get no love on xda.

I can’t take any credit for the efficiency of this ROM. It was jprimero15 from XDA who built it and tweaked this kernel. And the base is Lineage OS. I only test what he gives me. I’m not sure I could make it any better with any of my tweaks, except maybe changing to a different CPU governor that has cores asleep most of the time. But that really impacts performance.
I haven’t tried MicroG on the Note, but I do run it and Vanced YouTube on my OnePlus and Note 10 Plus. I will check out the Aurora Store and see what it’s like.

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What about the sony pro-i you still interested in that ?

and yeah i think you will like aurora store.
how did you install microg? from the site the orginal or did you use minimicrog? or via magisk module?