Galaxy Note 3 N900T hlte ROM & TRWP Upgrade Questions

Hi Max Lee - the Highness … wow, you are still at it and I love this site! It was your videos and instructions I used to install the Resurrection Remix ROM on my Note 3 back in 2016. Thank you so much for all you provide to the Andriod community! I never got rid of my Note 3 and with more time to tinker I’d like to upgrade it, but its been 5 years and I’m rusty on process. My Note 3 has Resurrection Remix Marshmallow 6.0.1_r52-MOB30R and TWRP 3.0.2-0 and I need to know what upgrade version of TWRP will allow me to upgrade to Resurrection Remix OS 8.6 “Based On Android 10” which I understand will no longer use SuperUser for root. When I go to the Resurrection download page ( I get lost becasue I don’t know what to pick. I have a Pixel that replaced my Note 3 and I know its “Sailfish” so which do I select from the Note 3 on this page. Can you give me a few pointers - like to a video or instruction set you created that will help me. Is there a better ROM - I’ve always liked the Remix ROM but I’m open to your suggestions. Many thanks - D’


Here are a couple of links to answer a couple of your questions about HLTE.


Resurrection Remix:

The link does not have an official 10 release, only 9:

Hope this helps and welcome to the forum.

PS, make sure you are rooted before TWRP install, although it sounds like you are already.


@blueswerks Much appreciated. I did a quick review and this definitely is what I wanted. Thanks for taking time to reply. I’ll let you know what happens afterwards as a follow-up. :crossed_fingers::selfie:

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@blueswerks I installed both the TWRP and RR ROM upgrades without issue. But for some reason GApps continually fails. I’ve tried various GApp options but none work. Not not sure I like the look of the ROM in comparison to the customizations I had with the prior build. I guess I didn’t realize how customized my Note 3 was until I did the upgrade. Need to rethink this because it’s difficult to just let this pristine Note 3 go to the boneyard. Any ideas GApps ideas will be appreciated as I rather not sideload apps given that right now I have no Play Store? Thanks again - D’

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u can use an app called yalp it is an appstore witch gives u acces to all the apps in the googleplay store as an apk and without the need of an google accaunt.

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Is there an error code?

In the past, when Google Play had issues, I have used [ Download APK free online downloader


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Success - Yay! I got the Gapps installed and it was all my fault. HAHA I had the wrong build. I said I was a little rusty but I’m back thanks to the both of you! Thanks for your time and attention. D’


Nice! Thanks for letting us know.

Great man and stick araund maybe make a thread to show what u have done with your phone custimazing wise.

I will also make one once i finaly flash my own this week.

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