FRP lock issue SM-930F

So when u install magjsk patch.img flash that to both slot a and b then you type in that line command that slows your phone to boot correctly

Without disabling verification it will go into crash dump mode

So I extract the image from the OEM international fw. Then what, I see the patch.img, but idk where it goes before I run the command. This is the only part I’m stuck on now

U need to use payload to get your boot.img and vbmeta.img

hate to ask, but is there a tutorial for dummies u can point me to?

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[ROM][11_C_02][OFFICIAL][BETA]Color OS[Oneplus 8 | 8 PRO | 8T] | Page 6 | XDA Forums

Use this same method for stock oos

I’ll look into it and ask questions if I get stuck, Much thanks

So it has to be the boot.img and vbmeta.img from MY personal OnePlus?

still totally lost. bootloader unlocked, i have stock tmo os from recovered brick… not sure where I need to pull these files from nor what to do with them afterwards

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Just look up how to u brick a TMobile op8 on you tube

it is unbricked

just need help with disable verification thing you were telling me about so when I flash, it won’t crash

Cannot update the fw to latest os… 15.0.12 is the version i am on. international