FRP lock issue SM-930F

Hi Max & Greg.

It says this is the place to post for assistance. So here goes, long story short I own a Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-930F.

I purchased it secondhand and a family member was using it, I hardware factory reset it with a cache wipe to boot not knowing about FRP Lock.

Now I cannot get past the setup page and I most definitely do not have the previous owners password. What is the best course of action for the least amount of headache. ???

Cheers in advance.

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Just contact the familiy member for the password ?

Nemo the account belongs to the previous owner because it turns out the family member just used the phone as is.

But Thanks for the tip.

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You mite be able to use Odin to reflash factory firmware if u can get into download mode.
Use volume up center home and power to access download mode from power off

Already tried that Greg, big thanks to you guys on that one especially to Max. Fantastic tutorial videos step by step guides great work.

So now I have a phone with a fresh factory ROM on it, and still it is asking for previously verified account.

There are a lot of videos on YT but most of them do not explain things well or they skip steps which are important for people who are not familiar.

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Ok u may have to try to bypass frp .gadjet hacks mite have vids on that you’ll have to look

It’s not at a loss just takes a little time​:grin::+1:

If u need more help just let us know​:+1::+1:

Legendary, Thanks Greg will look into it tonight.

I could not find the guy you mentioned but I did find this guys tutorial vid

incase anyone else needs a pointer in the right direction

thank you all for the suggestions and the pointers in the right direction.

on a side note is it possible to receive a virus on a S7 that would destroy or fry it’s motherboard?

what could cause an S7 to not power on even if the battery is 100% good??

Perhaps corrupted software/os or a defect of the mainboard could do that.

but you would not say a “virus” would have the appropriate permissions to do that in Android right Nemo?

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First i would like to say i am not a software security expert orsomething like that.

But a virus for android (or in general) are uselly made with infomartion theft in mind they benefit nothing from braking your phone like that if it is even possible without root acces.

I had a similar train of thought, but what would cause an untouched unmodified Galaxy S7 to fry the motherboard out of the blue after receiving a bizarre message.

no battery issue or any other issues for that matter. When I try to connect to Odin to re-image it appears to be connected in that the drivers appear to be working as the phone gets recognized, but when you try to push an image to the phone it HANGS.

I can vaguelly remember something about a text message with weird signs messing up your phone a while ago

@gregoryaul any solution for this that u know of i am not samsung guy…

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Hmmm not sure any more that was a couple of years ago

All good guys, Thank you all for the assist.

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Let us know how it went after you have tried it.

I’m still having trouble with the code u gave me:

fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img

Can you go into more detail?
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