Flashing firmwares of other countries?

Hello everyone,

I bought Samsung Galaxy S9+ when I was on trip in another country.

Successfully rooted it, worked perfectly fine UNTIL I insterted my SIM card. It obviously recognizes root when it keeps asking for factory reset even after the phone gets factory reseted (bypassing SafetyNet is dead now).
I assume it has to do with firmware. I’m not sure which provider the phone was bought from because the phone was bought as used.

Here’s screenshot about the phone’s software info:

Do you think this firmware is compatible with the device (considering the software info)?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(never have done this before so I have to be careful)


It’s an international phone you should use international softwere


I wouldn’t cross firmware flash samsung u can but it can cause problems in root or odin


Use is Philippine open software


Also your phone service provider for firmware is DBT (Germany).

You can also just install worldwide firmware if u look up the phone model number but that will not change the information on the about phone since its build in.

But that shouldn’t cause a issue with simcard u can use any simcard in any country and will work fine. service provider install their apps on your phone and maybe u have their logo as a bootup cause the phone is bought from the provider.

I have installed different firmware on s20 and had no issue as long as its the correct model number firmware.


Here a link for your model version u can download firmware here

When u download any firmware don’t worry about the rest after G965F/xxxxxxxxxxx thats just the firmware verison. As long as you use your build verison you will be fine u can install any firmware as long as it has G965F


Thanks Matt​:hugs::hugs:


Thanks a lot guys!!!