Flash lineage 18.1

hello im going to explain how i flashed lineage os 18.1 to a lg v20 us 996 unlocked .


step 1. first we will find and download all the nessesary files that we need to get the job finished .

step 2. we will copy all files to sd card due to the fact that we must format data in twrp

step 3.next we must install fastboot.zip into pc for we will use fastboot to install twrp.

step 4.once fastboot is installed then put phone into fastboot mode volume down and plug in type c cable at the same time.

Step 4.5 to enter command prompt go to start menu type cmd that will print up the command window

step 5.go to command prompt on pc and type cd downloads enter / cd fastboot then enter to start prosses. then type fastboot devices to start

step 6. type fastboot flash recovery recovery-twrp-us996-2019-10-25. then enter to flash. then use button combo to boot twro/ volume down and power.

step 7 .next use twrp to format data ,then reboot recovery .

step 8 . finally go to install and flash lineage os /nik gapps r11 / nik gapps addons set up wizard.



reboot and enjoy . ill link my live stream here also
(Disclaimer) I’m not responsible if I mess up your phone your doing this at your own risk !!!
Make sure I know what your doing at all times



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Thanks took long enough to write it out lol

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That’s the hardest part… the documentation:)

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Yes so true if u read it if something seem out of place let me know kk

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Will do!

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Thanks bro for all ur support

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My pleasure! Thank you all your help and sharing of experience!

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Yep that my job but… I love it…

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Really enjoyed using Lineage 18.1 on my 8PRO but left me wanting more. Like the Camera Situation, I couldn’t figure out how to install Stock OnePlus camera on the ROM. Back on Stock + Root Android 10 with TWRP till its available for Android 11.

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Good idea android 11 stock op8 and 8 pro have issuse

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