Flash custom ROM on pixel 6/ 6 pro

Ok I’m back with another custom ROM tutorial it’s not new, but I will just simplify if a little bit.

Ok we will flash a custom ROM called proton it’s not to hard so just read along and I can help you understand.

The first thing we must do is unlock the bootloader on the pixel 6/ 6 pro.

  1. To unlock the bootloader first u must have an unlocked model pixel / 6pro

  2. If you do let’s continue, first we must enable dev.options in setting nav. To about device tap build number 7 to 8 time till u become a developer.

  3. Then turn on oem unlock and usb debugging / also a good idea to scroll down to USB configuration and click transfer files.

  4. Now that that is done we must install Google drivers for the pixel6 / 6pro go to Google chrome and type drivers for pixel 6 and it should take u there.
    Once drivers are installed now we can unlock the bootloader.

  5. Now it’s time to flash oem unlock to unlock the bootloader, place pixel 6/6pro into bootloader mode, then open CMD terminal.

  6. One in terminal type path to platform-tools/ fastboot must be the latest one or it will not work.

  7. Now your path is set now we can type ( fastboot flashing unlock ) all newer phone use this.

When it’s finished you can type fastboot reboot and it will unlock and wipe your device.

((If you know how to do this skip this step and move on to step 2))

Step 2.

Now we will download and extract proton zip file to start the process. U can choose vinilla or Gapps firmware ((make sure you download the correct firmware )) it could brick your device!!!.

  1. Once extracted copy/past the content file of the extracted folder into the platform-tools folder.

  2. Now that that is ready next we must get the pixel 6 / 6pro ready to flash, we must skip through set up on the device and boot into bootloader mode.
    Use the power and volume down buttons to boot into bootloader mode.

  3. Once in bootloader mode ( I find it easier to switch slots from slot b to slot a to do this in terminal type fastboot --set-active=a the reboot back into bootloader to confirm slot was switched.

  4. Once in slot a now if bootloader was already unlocked we must wipe the device, type fastboot erase userdata. This will factory rest the device . Now we can continue the flash prosses.

  5. Now we are ready to flash firmware. Next with the phone in bootloader mode and terminal ready / firmware files in platform-tools we will type flash-all.bat to begin the prosses NOW WAIT: untill it’s completely finished .

Once done it will say hit any key to exit , it should take around 8 minutes or so any less something could be wrong…

            Now that it's done you may click 
            The power button on the phone 
                    To reboot the phone 
                      Set up and enjoy😁

           Warning I'm not responsible for
                 Broken device so please 
                  Do your research!!!!!!!!