Flash chinese OnePlus 6


Hello, i live in china so i bought the chinese OnePlus 6 because the french online support told me that they will can help me to flash it, but in fact they only can do it if i am in europe.

So i tried the max tuto : how-to-unroot-oneplus-6-using-stock-firmware-twrp/

I m not sure if i have the right TWRP app ? i have TWRP Manager and i can’t give him the root permissions.

SO i tried the fast boot solution : how-to-unroot-oneplus-6-using-fastboot/33

But i m really lost XD

Step 1. Power off your OnePlus 6. = it’s ok

Step 2. Make sure your USB cable is DISCONNECTED! (as if it is connected to your computer it will enter a hard-brick unroot mode) = it’s ok

Step 3. Hold down Volume Up and Power buttons together until you are in Fastboot mode. = it’s ok, it s put me in a strange screen as we can see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlHA_lFNJzw

Step 4. Connect a USB cable from your OnePlus 6 to your computer. = i connect the USB during i’m in the strange fastboot screen ?

Step 5. Unzip the stock firmware zip file you downloaded.= that’s ok

Step 6. For Windows, simply double-click on flash-all.bat and wait 10 minutes. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING! = I’m still in the strange screen, usb is connected, then i double click ? it’s opened the windows CMD but no text, just black screen. I waited 10 minuts then i stopped it :frowning:

For step 4 and 6 i m a little lost :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone can help me thanks :slight_smile: coz i can not live without google~


Oh try reflashing the hydrogen unbrick tool it should work.


you speak chinese to me XD how to reflashing the hydrogen unbrick tool ? :frowning:


This: How to Unroot OnePlus 6 in Bootloop/Hard-Brick!


Ok dude thanks it’s working now, you saved my life in china, OnePlus european staff told me it’s impossible to flash the chinese oneplus in china(said have to go out of china to flash it),so they told me to ask to the chinese staff.
I asked to the chinese staff, they said that they don’t know about it, they told me to ask to the european staff something like that… lolz

Thanks a lot, i subscribed to your youtube :slight_smile:


LOL BULLSHIT! Yeah you can flash HydrogenOS and run that too.


Hi. Does this change HydrogenOS into a OxygenOS? Thanks in advance.


Yes you can simply flash ANY OxygenOS ROM OTA. You can even do it using the system update, use local then you can switch to Oxygen without root.


Thank you. This is very helpful.