Fingerprint not working

I installed the global rom on my t-mobile op8 which didn’t go as planned (it would get stuck in the middle).so i used msm tool and rolled back to t-mobile oos.i’m now on oos 11.09 and the fingerprint is not working.please help!!!
P.s. i didn’t backup the persist img for fingerprint security.

Ouch… that persist partition could be a problem. If it got corrupted somehow you might be in trouble, because it’s unique to that phone and you can’t just download one and replace it. I’ll look into it. You’re not by any chance rooted with Magisk are you?

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Man please it would help me alot.and yea i am rooted with magidk and twrp Currently on oos10.

I didn’t backup the persist img and now I’m stuck.installed stock os through msm for like a thousand help so far.

Can’t we just ask OnePlus support to provide us one?

i converted my t-mobile in2017 to global and now it says my phone is in2015.i’m on oos12.
i got a fresh and okay backup of persist img from another op8 in2015.could i just flash it and would it work.or anyfiles i need to move from here to my phone’s persist?
p.s. my phone is rooted.