Finally got a brand new pixel!

I have finally after a good long while I have gotten my 1st brand new pixel device and not pre-owned or refurbished. I got the pixel 4a and wow what a absolute belter of a device. It doesn’t slow down, it’s great in the hand, the camera is amazing as usual. It’s light and the screen is fabulous. I was sick and tired of not having the latest or something new and finally got one on a pay monthly/contract. Just wish I had the google fabric case to go with it :pensive:. Anyways hope you all stop by and have a read and maybe share you’re thought on this magnificent device :smile::+1:

P.s yes I know my punctuation is crap, literacy is not my strong point.



Just need to try and get me hands on the fabric case now.

Awesome! The Pixel 4a and 4a XL are nice phones.

Yeah the 4a is great. Reminds me of the nexus days when you did have bang for your buck.

Yeah man, I always loved the Nexus devices. The Nexus 5 was absolutely amazing!

Wish I still had mine. As far as I’m aware there still going strong

Yep they definitely are. Development for that device is still ridiculous. There’s so many Android 10 ROMs for it now.

That is ridiculous! Is there any 11 roms for it.

I’ll check real quick.

No Android 11 yet, but it’s being worked on.