Erase successful but not automatically formatting. File system type raw not supported

Hello, everyone.

I have been out of the flashing game for a while (since I had my Nexus 6P). Today I received my Pixel 4 XL. First thing I did was unlock the bootloader and then I flashed Dirty Unicorns with no issue. I wanted to try Pixel Dust too but I encounter a bootloop with their recovery. The only thing that worked was to press Power + Volume Down and then I flashed stock the OTA way.
When I got to the part of wiping user data I got the following error:

E:can’t send spi message Try again

That was for like 30 lines and at the end it said “Data wipe complete”. It scared me a little so I looked it up and the recommendation I saw was to flash the entire factory image, which is what I did next. The entire process went smoothly until the very end, where I received:

Erasing ‘userdata’
Erase successful, but not automatically formatting.
File system type raw not supported.
Erasing ‘metadata’
Erase successful, but not automatically formatting.
File system type raw not supported.
Finished. Total time 253.513s
Press any key to exit…

  1. Does this have any impact at all? After it reboots there doesn’t seem to be any issue, it runs normally. But it worries me if in the future I decide to flash something else.
  2. Anyone know how I can fix it?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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Nah I wouldn’t worries as long as it runs ok that’s fine it’s just letting u know the raw file types not supported oh and pixel dust freezes on re lot sometimes dirty unicorns the best one for pixel 4xl right now

Thank you so much for replying! I was worried I had messed up my device.

So even with that about the raw files I should be good to go to flash Dirty Unicorns?

Or maybe I was thinking about staying in stock but flashing a custom kernel, I need to change the color settings on my screen, it’s way too warm for me.

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The way pixel 4xl work u must re flash factory firmware to restore cuz of the recovery that dirty unicorn uses it’s just different cuz of the super partition google uses on that phone

I am actually on stock.

The error about the raw type files not being supported appeared when flashing the entire factory image.

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Oh ok ic r you using android flash tool??

U could also use the ota and sideload it

I just used the flash-all with the factory image

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Should I still be ok that the errors happened when going back to stock?

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As long as it dosent fail should be fine

No, it booted into stock just fine and it’s been running without issue for the last couple of days

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That’s good just remember always get firmware from google firmwares