Do u like current way.Android is going?

After Android 12 dev preview build very brief experience …
I Say never go past 10… Device unimportant…

Bad turn from where was from 2.3 7 to 10

I never liked google and android but hate ios/apple and google to putting more and more of its claws in android slowly becoming like apple … so no i do not like the current way.

Nope, I definitely do not like the direction it’s going, but like @nemo said, I also can’t stand iPhones and iOS. I’m about to start digging deep into Ubuntu Touch and see if I can perfect it for the OnePlus 6 I have. It’s already working on it but it needs a lot of refining and tweaking. If we could get full blown Linux working on our phones properly, we wouldn’t need to worry about all these privacy concerns and software being locked down.


I just dont understand why so few people are working on it and the rest are sticking with android so frustrating i mean i am not one to talk as i dont have the skills to do it myself…

But if a developer like yourself is going to look into it here are some suggestions

  • a android compatability layer like jolla has with sailfish for ubuntu touch would really make it more daily useable for more people i mean if you could it use it like any android phone as if it where a native app that would help speed the abopdability for this os in my opnion

  • Theres a project for a gsi method for ubuntu touch stil experimental but once this matures could get this linux os to alot of phones (with atleast android 8) and help with adopting this os faster
    see link below for more info

What do you tthink?

Edit: also good luck with developing it for your one plus and keep us posted with updates i would love read it and its development