Dirty Unicorns ROM Android 10 Review!

I have been thoroughly testing Dirty Unicorns ROM w/ Android 10 on my Pixel 4 XL, here’s my dirty review of Dirty Unicorns ROM.

Supported devices:

Pixel 3 “blueline”
Pixel 3a XL “bonito”
Pixel 3 XL “crosshatch”
Pixel 4 XL “coral”
Moto G7 Plus “lake”
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 “lavender”
Pixel XL “marlin”
OnePlus 3
Moto G5 “potter”
Moto G7 “river”
Pixel 4a “sunfish”
Pixel 2 XL “taimen”

Downloads: [choose the correct codename]

First, everything works great out of the box on the Pixel 4 XL and probably same for any phone that’s supported. Face Unlock works great along with fingerprint so you won’t have to lose any security features.

The ROM itself is very fast with plenty great battery life and you will get loads of customization you are used to from a custom ROM. Android 11 is already out but many of the earlier beta custom ROMs are very buggy and I don’t actually recommend running Android 11 other than to try it out or you are running stock Android 11 which is much more stable at this point. Until we have some more stability with Android 11, you may be better off sticking with Android 10 custom ROMs and Dirty Unicorns ROM is one of the better ones with great dev support and constant upgrades.

The only thing not working on this ROM for me on the Pixel 4 XL(and all other Pixel 3 & 4 series which support dual SIM) is the dual SIM feature which sorta sucks since I am in South Korea and want to use the dual SIM along with Google Fi so I can carry one phone. If that wasn’t the case, everything works great, you get a ton of customization, and highly recommended.

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Yee awesome I sent 14.7 du rom android 11???

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Sweet. Unfortunately don’t see the Pixel 3a supported? :frowning_face:


# [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] Dirty Unicorns 14.7 {Sargo/Pixel 3a} (2020-09-14)




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Thanks for finding it for him good job

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