Data Recovery possible for Android devices? i'm on Note 9 Exynos now

dear all

i have a Note 9 Exynos version; one day it starts to boot and wipe itself out of nowhere and i need all the previous data inside, is it possible there is a way we can mount the internal storage or use any programs to search for deleted files?

i found several programs on play store that requires rooting process, but all rooting process for Note 9 Exynos requires factory reset/wiping, it think if my device was wiped for 2 times it will become more impossible to recovery data right?

any suggestions?


U can try reflashing firmware without wiping data to save internal storage

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Odin should tell you to use csc or csc home will wipe or save data

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you get it wrong i’m not trying to wipe or flashing firmware

i want to recover deleted data because of wiping process

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I know you have searched, but here’s a few I ran across. I have not used them, but maybe one will have some helpful information. XDA forums has lots of helpful posts. And, welcome to the forum!

the problem is without root access all recovery data program is not working

rooting requires wiping data once more

after 2 times wiping process do you think there is a chance my data still can be read?

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Does this help any?

Wiping data should not happen when installing TWRP or rooting with Magisk, but nothing is 100%.

To answer your question, it is very doubtful data can still be read, depending on the mode of the wipe, after 2 times. But, nothing is 100%.