CrDroid GSI Android 10!

CrDroid GSI based on Phhusson’s Android 10 for ARM64 A/B runs nearly flawless, SafetyNet passes for Magisk out of box without having to change device fingerprint, also Google Pay works and AOD. AOD is a little too bright so I would actually recommend turning it off.

Google Camera works for main cameras but still having hard time activating wide angle or telephoto cameras on my Xiaomi Mi9 but otherwise excellent GSI you can run on any Android with Project Treble support, will try on my Galaxy S9 and S10.

On my Mi9, in-display fingerprint sensors also works very well, comes with Gapps, but Face Unlock missing, you may be to reactivate Face Unlock by using another gapps flashed over.

Download CrDroid GSI Android 10 for ARM64 A/B devices:

Download CrDroid GSI Android 10 for ARM64 A ONLY devices:

Video overview:



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