[Closed] Any developers of customroms or other software skills here?

I have a qeustion for you and i would like your opinion on it.


Ok let me know


Reason i ask first cause i asked several other people on the xdaforum but nobody responded … so i figure i ask first ahaha

First some background information.

There exist a os called kai os it runs on semi dumb phones with keyboard and its os uses webbased apps wich makes this simple phones capable of running webbased apps from facebook to whatsapp to googlemaps it is all possible.

Kai os is based on firefox os a opensource software made by the company of firefox they could not get it be more popular and eventuelly gave up.
but kai os picked it up and it has now hundreds of million users in mostly developing countrys.

My qeustion is the following

Fact it can run on these really simple phones wich cannot run android
(i bet this pisses of google) makes it extremally light weight and energie efficient.
and since it is open source someone who wants to play with it makes it easier and because it has so many users theres many (web)based apps for it for modern use.

So i was wondering could someone smart like you be abble to make this os run on a pre 2010 nokia forexample in terms of specs it shouldnt differ to much with the current dumbphones heck some older nokias have pretty good specs.
I think that would be pretty amazing to use an obselite old phone and use it as modern phone.

do you think something like that would be possible?

Edit: see wikipedia for more information


Hey @gregoryaul so what do you think?

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I finally got an awnser from someone on xda the short awnser is no it cant because nokia of that era are closed proprietary platforms.

think it has potential for older android based phones or even newer ones
i know they tried it on several in 2014/2015 one of the most notable sony z3.

@gregoryaul do u happen to know where i could pitch this idea to developers?

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Yes it can be done as long as the phone u want to use can be fully unlocked it would take time but I’m not a dev so it would be a little tough for me