Chinese phone running Android 4.0.4 Chip MTK6577

Hi Max,
I have been looking at your website HighOnAndroid looking to see if I could update my old chinese phone running Ice cream android 4.0.4 but I did not find any info to do this. (I do own a new Samsung galaxy Note 8) This chinese phone is just for me to tinker with. The following is my question:

  1. Is it possible to upgrade this old phone to at least a KitKat (4.4) Can I bypass Jelly Bean (4.1-4.3.1) upgrading it from IceCream 4.0.4 directly to Kitkat (4.4) Or do I have to do a gradual upgrade?
  2. Where can I download a clean version of TWRP or ClockworkMod to do this and the ROM for Jelly Bean and KitKat.
    Thank you
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You can search xda for your device there is a lot of info there you will need modal number and stuff like that to find what I need.:grin:

Thanks Greg, I will do that. :ok_hand:

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Your welcome😁

Did u find anything on xda about your phone ?

I’ve been trying to find a custom ROM for my old Chinese phone MT6577 running android 4.0.4 (Ice-cream). I managed to ROOT the phone but I couldn’t find a custom ROM for it. I tried XDA, couldnt find it. then, I went on several websites and found broken links. I don’t know if I should throw in the towel by now 4.0.4 (icecream) could be ancient as a dinosaur that nobody wants to deal with it. So, to answer your question, … no, I have not found a custom rom to upgrade this phone. Any suggestions would really appreciate it or should I just forget this and throw this thing in the garbage.

im confused is mt6577 the name ? isnt that just the chipset ?

also i took the liberty to look on xda using that name u gave and got a lots difrent devices and whatnot anyway if that really is the name then maybe if greg can confirm i read once long time ago that budget phones tend to just use allready avilable devices and then slap their name on it to save cost as a result u could put a custom rom from one device to another because technicly they are the same device if so u would have more options greg can u confirm ?

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Hi Max,s
Yes u r right. MT6577 is mediatek chipset. the model name of the phone is GT-i9800. So I googled custom ROM for MTK6577 and GT-i9800 and like I said with no success.

Im not max i am better looking then that …

lets wait for @gregoryaul response i think what i mentioned earlier could be a option if stil possible ?

They are still device specific they use soc numbers budget phones aren’t really supported much like I said you can use xda to find most stuff :grin::grin:

Oke so the idea was they are EXACTLY the same phone just with another name stuck on it why wouldnt that work ?

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It depends on the firmware build number and seiral number never flash roms or firmware on different devices cuz u never know there could be one or two things different

If all those numbers match then it may be ok

Hi Greg,
Here is the firmware build number “E1911_V77_HJY1_20120814”
and the serial number says “not available” ,
Model number “e1911_v77_hjy1”
all taken from “About phone” tab to my Old chinese android i9877
Additional info from CPU-Z app
Chip model MT6577
Android version Ice_cream 4.0.4
Bootloader Unknown alps/e1911_v77_hiy1/ e1911_v77_hiy1.4.0.4
Build ID : IMM76D
Brand : alps
OK, greg, if you could let me know the links to the custom ROM that I could upgrade to at least a KITKAT, that would be helpful. And if nemo or you need further info, I would be happy to provide you.


Ok I can look in a while kk

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Im also curious what method and how u would find out exactly that seems a bigger issieu.

@HighOA dont get your hopes up though even if he does find something chances either dead links, maybe a custom rom ported from some other phone,or just a stripped stock rom where they got rid of all the bloat.

I have done something similaer couple months ago for a old acer with android 4 although in my case it had a lil more users and all i could find was dead links 1 custom rom from a chinese phone wich was on a russian site… and a stock stripped down version of 4.4 went with the stock one cause i didnt trust the custom rom but it was fun to play with and made the phone much faster and smoother then with all the garbagde they put on there think google shit plus acer its own shit what a mess.

Actually, That was what I was looking for is the stripped down Android stock 4.4 or what ever. Where can I download this thing.

@gregoryaul any luck find anything ?

or tell me how and i can help look

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You can try xda forums

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How exactly cause if i use the chip in the search bar on xda forum i get a ocean of stuf spend a hour scrolling mostly nothing anyway how can i look more specifically ?

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