Chinese android can't root


I bought a phone off wish (I know stupid move ) it said it was a note 8 with 4gb RAM 64gb ROM android 7.0
in fact looking at the stats on phone it says its a note 8 RAM 1gb ROM 8gb
even though it has a dual micro card slot when you put a memory card in you cant transfer anything to it
so obviously I want to root it to actually get a working ph (yes I have got a refund) specs on ph are

model number
note 8
7.0 (even though every diagnostic app says it is 5.1)
baseband version
MOLY.WR8.W1449.MD.WG.MP.V23.P8.2016/12/10 09.38
kernel version
wed Dec 6 11:45:03 CST 2017
build number
LMY471 test-keys
custom build version

I have tried more or less EVERY rooting app
I really want to try Magisk with TWRP recovery but my ph isn’t in the TWRP list ?
I have enabled developer mode and have OEM unlocking on as well as USB debugging
but no matter what sequence of buttons I press eg volume down+bixby+power etc ect I cant get into download mode.
any suggestions?
thanks in advance


Yes, buying from Wish probably isn’t the best decision.
The output you are posting can be manipulated with a build.prop edit, so it is probably not accurate.
You could try the Droid Info app from the play store. It might show different information. I’m not sure about that though, since I’ve never had a knock off device myself.