CAT S42 Degoogle (using Treble, microG but no TWRP?)

I have just bought a Cat S42 H+ with the following specs:
Android 10, planned upgrade to Android 11
Mediatek MT6761D Helio A20 (12 nm)
Quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53
PowerVR GE8320

I also run a Surface Go with PopOs (ubuntu linux derivative). I’m comfortable with using the terminal.
I have unlocked the Cat S42 using this tutorial:…bootloader-on-any-android-android-root-101-1/
I have also installed the Treble Check app; the S42 supports Treble and also has VNDK 30.0. It also supports seamless system updates and has an A/B system partition.

What do I do next? There is no TWRP for my specific device. I was intending to install LineageOS for microG as the stock rom doesn’t support signature spoofing, which is requirement for microG. I just want this phone degoogled as much as possible.

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Dose it have fastboot u can flash system in fastbootd without trouble, I would try to find a u bricking tool first if u can

Yeah it has fastboot, what do you mean by bricking tool though? So I could perform a recovery in case of bricking? Got any suggestions?

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Not sure if Samsung has that

Use Odin 3.14

@RH4P1DPH3R4L like greg says you can flash a gsi using adb/fastboot so you dont need a custom recovery that is easier tough.
also with mediatek devices you need to make a backup of surtent things before you do anything because you wil lose those keyssoftware forever like for wifi.i believe the program is called sp flashtool
also make backup using adb/fastboot first just incase.
and when flashing a gsi start with phh gsi first all other gsi are based on his you do this to see if everything works if everything works and try another gsi then you know it is the fault of the other gsi and not phh.

@gregoryaul his phone is not a samsung ? so i dont understand why you mention that?

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I’m guessing u used maxes s 10 method that will only work with on exenos versions

It wasn’t easy even for him!!!

You’ll have to watch it it’s difficult

Oh I guess I got mixed up sorry

Thanks guys, I’ll give it a go and report back.